Our Mission

Current processes in drug development are costly and slow due to the complexity of underlying research and regulatory aspects. Although a broad variety of methods is applied to secure high standards, many drugs fail in clinical trials or even after being approved.

By optimizing testing platforms and methods to be used at preclinical stages, we at myotwin are convinced that substantial improvements are possible to significantly reduce the risk of failures as early as possible. This will lead to a faster and resource-saving process, making novel treatments more readily available at lower costs for society.

To address this challenge, we have developed a 3D model of the human heart muscle to test novel substances for cardio efficacy and cardiotocixity. To further develop our enterprise to support the optimization of drug development, we are seeking for highly qualified people to join our dynamic team, with a focus on optimizing drug development processes using iPSC-derived organoids and advancing pre-clinical drug research and screening.

Our Core Values

💊 Disrupt. We strive to disrupt the drug development process

💙 Respect. We value treating each other with respect.

💬 Open communication. We believe in transparent and honest communication. Even when we have disagreements, we encourage dissent.

💪 Ambition & Excellence. We are daring and aim for excellence. We develop top-notch products in the biotech & life science industry.

🚀 Ownership & passion. We have a strong sense of ownership and purpose.

🌱 Learning. We are constantly learning and growing.

Bias towards action. We empower everyone to take action and execute their ideas - just do it! 🚀

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